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21 Jul 2018

Week 11 and Week 12 merge!

Hello everyone, How are you?

I apologize for not updating my blog post the previous week.

So, on week 11, if you had followed my week 10 post, you would think by this time I will have gotten all the options of the rebase. Well, my week technically started by cleaning all the options to create them as separate commits and polish them for reviewing. Why is that more important? Well, it’s because every reviewer is a human being and it’s a natural tendency to review a lot of smaller things rather than a big monolithic one. So, I started working on the commit messages and ofcourse using the awesome rebase to do it.

I had hoped I will complete rebase by previous mid week and was extremely looking forward to it but suddenly there was problem in my internet connection and some electricity problems which I’m going to spare you the details. After both the internet connection and electricity problems got fixed after some days, I resumed my rebase task. The commit history if you will look at the pull request is in pretty good shape. Now, still I’m rewording it to create more meaningful commit message so you can understand what I’ve done too. I am also preparing a new iteration of my patches with major changes which I’ll detail on the cover letter of my patch series.

So, my target this week is clean all the commits and ofcourse continue with the options and types of rebase.

That’s all for the previous week and this week.