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10 Jul 2018

Week 10 Progress

Hello from Kathmandu where it has been raining a lot!

This week also there were some development on rebase land!

Continuing form the past week blog post, I submitted newer iterations of patch. Well, after some excellent review, the patch seemed to need some important changes, it was merged into pu but a re-roll is expected to fix some issues in it. New iteration of this patch series will take some time to arrive.

There were lots of works done this week to add options to builtin rebase. The tricky script to convert was this but it was done. Then git rebase <upstream> <switch-to> was implemented. Another cool option --force-rebase was implemented along with --signoff. The options conversion will land into the mailing list in the upcoming weeks along with the new iteration of aforementioned patch.

So, the plan for the upcoming week is to convert all the options (except the ones requiring other rebase types) and then work on other types of rebase.

That’s all for this week!